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An Inventive program by KoinoNIA

KoinoNIA is a platform facilitating the global exposure and adoption of blockchain and cryptocurrency through a learn and earn educational model. Learners earn NIA, the native token of the KoinoNIA platform.

NIA is a Profit Sharing Token that shares profit when Startups raise with KoinoNIA get acquired or go public.

    Trade with:
  • USD (US Dollar)

  • USDT (Tether)

  • ETH (Ethereum)

  • BTC (Bitcoin)

  • TRX (Tron)

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  • Consbit
  • Justswap
  • Tron
  • PBS Twimg
  • Blockspot
  • Startupinspire
  • Coingecko
  • Tronscan

About KoinoNIA

KoinoNIA is a Greek word that means Partnership and sharing with others. It is pronounced Coin-ah-knee-ah.

Vision & Mission

KoinoNIA is a community to support digital marketers and crypto enthusiasts.

KoinoNIA will invest in the companies, with the most innovative technologies, around the world.

KoinoNIA is investing in the Future of FinTech
Areas of Focus
  • Payments
  • InsurTech
  • Regtech
  • Proptech
  • Money Transfer
  • EdTech
  • Saving and Investing
  • Robo-advisory and Wealth Management
  • Borrowing and Capital Raising
  • Blockchain Enabled Platforms
  • Infrastructure Technology
  • ICOs


The high expected returns are an important reason why people invest in startups, but that’s not the only reason.

Bad Reasons

  • You want to run your own business but don’t have the time.
  • Think you can make lots of money
  • Like telling other folks what to do
  • You think it will be easy
  • You like bragging your investments to other people

Good Reasons

  • It’s fun & you like tech stuffs
  • You like the domain area & have relevant skills
  • You can afford to lose everything you invest
  • You’ve got time to help mentor and monitor your investments.
  • You’ve built your own businesses before, had both success & failure

Why become a startup investor

Angel investing — hunting for a unicorn — was previously available to only the wealthiest population. With KoinoNIA, everyone can invest in private startups for a chance to earn a return. Unicorns are startups that reach the valuation of over $1B. If you find and invest in one at an early stage, you could earn a significant return on investment. While no one can predict which companies will become unicorns, KoinoNIA gives you access to companies who have the potential to become one.


No need to be a millionaire to invest in startups. With KoinoNIA, you can invest in innovative startups with as little as 50 USD.


Need to raise money for your business? If you fulfill the criteria needed to be listed on KoinoNIA, your campaign is just a few clicks away.


Startups are changing the world around us. Now you can get involved too. Gain access to high quality deals, resources, community, and more.

Invest at an early stage

Early-stage startup investing offers potential for astronomical growth and outsized returns.

Education & Community

Startup Investors can offer valuable support, guidance, and resources to new founders that can help to shape their company and increase its chances of success.

Liquidity & Share Sales

We provide support to sell your shares in companies you've invested in via our platform.

Benefits of Using KoinoNIA Platform

KoinoNIA marketplace makes it easy to explore private growth companies, access investment opportunities and find liquidity.


Industry experts rank startups from 1 to 5 stars, evaluating potential by analyzing the disclosed strategic KPIs and by identifying red flags.

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KoinoNIA issues tokens that represent startup equity. Leveraging on blockchain technology represents the most secure and transparent way to invest in startups.

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After a startup’s crowdfunding campaign is closed, KoinoNIA’s secondary market allows investors to continue buying shares.

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Unlike physical currencies, blockchain cryptocurrency works on digital channels and are often adhered to strong cryptography to secure financial transactions that happen online.

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    Raise your reputation through membership in the KoinoNIA Community!


    It’s not just WHO you know, it’s who knows YOU. Networking is Powerful.


    Receive exclusive and advance notice of market news, making you an industry "insider"


    Gain access to Member Exclusive Content to help grow your business.


    One must be sponsored by a current member who knows the new member and can recommend them.

Product Details

Startups are changing the world around us. Now you can get involved too.


Invest in the latest FinTech & Crypto deals. Hedge your exposure to traditional finance by investing in the potential disruption of a multi trillion dollar traditional finance industry.

Start small and diversify widely. Get access to the most exclusive companies in FinTech & Crypto usually reserved for just Silicon Valley venture capitalists.


Accept, trade and manage Bitcoin and other crypto Whether you’re a trader, merchant, developer or just someone who loves crypto - everyone can benefit from KoinoNIA payment gateway.

Accept crypto payments and receive an equal amount in the Fiat currency of their choice instantly or hold it and pay with crypto to their partners and affiliates. For example, one of the best cases is when merchants receive Bitcoin as payments from their customers, convert it in USD to avoid any risks and then convert the required amount in fiat to crypto for settlements with partners.


Accepted by 40+ Million Merchants Worldwide

Using the KoinoNIA Card is like using any other card. All you have to do is swipe your card and the payment amount is deducted from the available balance of your credit line.

  • Freeze and unfreeze your KoinoNIA Card with a single tap
  • Receive instant notifications about all transactions
  • Create free virtual cards for safe online purchases
  • Monitor all your transactions in real-time
  • Get guaranteed cash back with all purchases
  • View your PIN and change it at any ATM if needed

Introducing NIA Token

Invest in the best

NIA Token is a new kind of asset that shares profits when startups and private equities that raise with KoinoNIA get acquired or go public.

KoinoNIA earns from successful exits

KoinoNIA earns when Startups/ICOs that raise with KoinoNIA later sell or go public.

NIA Token receives dividends

We pay out a share of profits from successful exits that we receive to NIA Token holders proportional to how many tokens you own.

You share in the profits

NIA Token will be a tradeable and dynamic profit-sharing token. The upside of KoinoNIA harnessed a powerful new asset.


Q1 2021


Q4 2021


Q3 2022


Q1 2023


KoinoNIA Investment Thesis


  • FinTech Investment
  • Digital Marketing
  • Crypto Portfolio
  • Crypto Payment Gateway
  • Blockchain
  • EdTech
  • DeFi
  • NFT

Revenue Model

  • Fees

    20% will be deducted from all member's earnings at KoinoNIA Platform

  • Appreciation

    Value appreciation on the Crypto assets holding by KoinoNIA

  • Valuation

    Startup investment exit opportunity when it get acquired or go public

  • NIA Token

    NIA price appreciation on

  • Brokerage

    Fees on trading or payment gateway transactions

  • Interchange

    Interchange revenue on KoinoNIA Card usage


Enjoy exclusive benefits and connect with a global network of CEOs, Investors/High Net-worth, Business Leaders, Industry Experts, and more. Membership is by invitation only. Generally, one must be sponsored by a current member who knows the new member and can recommend them.


Network & Build Relationships

Grow your business by getting introduced to potential clients and prospective leads.

Form new potential partnerships and discover new possibilities from the community.


Meet Investors & Raise Funds

Get connected with a global network of investors/funds and fundraise effectively for your business.

If you're an investor, get access to high quality deals, community, and portfolio support.


Dedicated Support

Get a dedicated online personal assistant who will provide support and resources for your business or career.

You'll never be alone in your journey.

Why create your Startup & Crypto portfolio today?

Start diversifying into the companies that are launching the tokens and retaining the long term shareholder value. Become a shareholder in some of the biggest companies in Startup & Crypto.

Invest in the disruption of a multi-trillion dollar industry the smart way.

Read The Investor FAQ

Stake NIA Token and Earn

A new way to earn cryptocurrencies

Earning cryptocurrencies is not only about mining Bitcoin (BTC) anymore. As Decentralized Finance (DeFi) continues to be the buzzword in 2021, it is crucial to dwell on the role cryptocurrency staking plays in maintaining the liquidity of crypto assets. In Crypto "Staking" means to buy, hold, and lock in a certain asset class in order to participate in the network, community, or tokenomics and obtain a reward in return.

Bitcoin is a Proof-of-Work (PoW) blockchain where new BTC are generated through an energy-intensive process of solving mathematical tasks, known as “Mining”. Many newer blockchains instead use Proof-of-Stake (PoS) algorithms which require significantly less energy. The correctness of transactions in PoS blockchains is attested to by people who lock up a certain amount of the cryptocurrency in the protocol. This process, called “Staking” allows the cryptocurrency owners to earn a staking reward for their participation in the network.


What is Crypto Staking?

Staking is the act of lending (locking or holding) cryptocurrencies in a wallet to participate in maintaining the operations of a proof-of-stake (PoS) based blockchain system. Staking stands for storing cryptocurrencies by blocking coins in your wallet for a fixed period of time for the sake of earning some interest. Commission you will be rewarded with depends on how much and how long you are staking. The longer the length of time and the bigger the amount, the higher your returns!

How does it all work?

At a very basic level, “staking” means locking your crypto assets in a proof-of-stake blockchain for a certain period of time. These locked assets are used to achieve consensus, which is required to secure the network and ensure the validity of every new transaction to be written to the blockchain. Those who stake their coins in a PoS blockchain are usually called “validators.” For locking their assets and providing services to the blockchain, validators are rewarded with new coins from the network.

For a blockchain to perform efficiently, validators are required to provide stable and secure services. Blockchains often enforce this by slashing a validator’s stake for dishonest or malicious behavior. To run a successful validator node, an agent needs to be committed to a selected blockchain and run a secure and continuously available infrastructure. Some blockchains have a significant lockup period (during which validators cannot retrieve their coins) as well as certain minimum thresholds for staking. To avoid dealing with all these requirements, many owners of crypto assets prefer to delegate their coins to a validator running a staking pool. Some blockchains (like Tezos) have a built-in mechanism that allows anyone who does not want to be a validator to delegate their coins to a validator on the network. This validator then performs all the work and shares the reward with their delegators.

Every PoS blockchain has a specific set of rules for its validators. These rules define the technical and financial requirements to become a validator (for example, a minimum stake size), the algorithms of selecting validators to perform an actual validating task and the principles of the reward distribution among the validators. The rewards are usually calculated based on the stake size, the actual participation in the consensus mechanisms and the total amount of coins at stake.

State of affairs

As of July 2020, the capitalization of the staking market is estimated at $35.8B (for comparison, the overall crypto market cap is around $270B). The number of assets to stake has increased significantly over the last year with the growing popularity of PoS blockchains. To date, staking data hub Staking Rewards has listed 111 assets, with annual rewards ranging from 2 to 348%. The average return on staking has increased from 10% to 15% within the past year.

By market cap, the biggest cryptocurrencies in staking are Tezos and EOS, closely followed by Algorand and ATOM (Cosmos). The staking market is quite fluid, however, as new PoS projects appear and quite a few big entrants are expected in 2020. The highly anticipated launch of Ethereum 2 will likely change market dynamics significantly, as it will become the largest cryptocurrency available for staking (with its $43B market capitalization).

With many assets and service providers to choose from, there are several things to keep in mind when deciding what and how to start staking.

Obviously, the choice of which coin to stake is paramount. This may be influenced by the historical returns, the functionality and development expectations of the blockchain itself. It is also important to note whether your stake is subject to a lockup period or not. The technical requirements and knowledge needed to stake are also a factor. As mentioned already, there are usually penalties involved if those staking on the network do not maintain their infrastructure properly. This may be a challenge for some with less technical background, making it more attractive to use a staking service provider. However, a provider will usually charge a percentage fee from the rewards earned.


With a number of big PoS projects expected to go live in 2020 and 2021, the staking market would seem to have strong potential for growth. Ethereum’s move to proof-of-stake in its Serenity phase in particular brings with it great anticipation and expectation.

Across the broader blockchain ecosystem, current staking rates (the percentage of total coins engaged in staking) vary. On the most popular PoS blockchains such as Tezos and Cosmos, they approach 80%. At the same time, the participation rates for some smaller networks can be as low as 10-20%. How these rates will affect market volumes and returns is something to keep an eye on.

The development of the staking market may also be affected by the dynamics on the lending/borrowing market. Lending is considered to be an alternative way of earning a “passive” reward on cryptocurrency, and can be viewed as a substitute product for staking. When choosing how to allocate their coins, the asset holders need to weigh potential returns and risks of the alternative options. Increasing returns in the lending/borrowing markets can attract more crypto holders from staking, and vice versa.

All things considered, staking on blockchains remains a dynamic part of the wider crypto and blockchain space.

Why is Crypto Staking becoming popular?

Since 2020, the popularity of DeFi is leading to more people considering DeFi staking. Factors leading to the rise of crypto staking are:

Growth of DeFi

The popularity of decentralized finance has allowed users to invest their funds without the need for centralized intermediaries and earn lucrative interest on it. In De-Fi lending, lenders deposit fiat or issue a loan in return for interest through a distributed system.

Platforms like Uniswap and Compound follow DeFi protocol like smart contracts to automate transactions between cryptocurrency tokens on the Ethereum blockchain.

Rise of Proof-of-Stake

The growing cryptocurrency space cannot operate with Proof-of-work based protocols due to lack of flexibility, the looming overhead costs and slow speed. PoW blockchains were not designed to scale according to the mass adoption of cryptocurrency networks. Hence, networks like Ethereum are moving to stake PoS protocols from blockchain’s mining with specialized equipment.

Long term gains

While most investors were only interested in short term profits a couple of years ago, today people are investing in cryptocurrencies for the long haul. Holding on to their currencies over a longer period allows users to stake and earn passive income.

Considering the ongoing Bitcoin bull run, most investors prefer to HODL rather than liquidate their asset holdings, allowing them an opportunity to earn interest via staking.

What can I stake?

Investors who wish to stake can choose from tons of options to earn money from their idle crypto assets. Any cryptocurrency that can be positioned as collateral through a smart contract can be staked.

Final word

Staking is economically beneficial and scalable than PoW-based mining. In the current bull run as the interest around cryptocurrencies is booming, staking is gaining momentum.

As DeFi staking continues to grow, the popularity of both decentralized and centralized staking seems to be at an all-time high. Users need to tread carefully as some platforms promise too-good-to-believe returns for crypto depositors. Thorough research is recommended before investing.

Disclaimer: Please read and ensure that you fully understand the KoinoNIA disclaimer which also applies to our Stake & Earn program.

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